Monday, November 14, 2011

Team Terms (November)

1. The bully is very daunting when I see him in the halls

2. The president had a lot of charisma

3. The bar patrons squandered after having a few to many drinks

4. The general had to pacify the soldiers during the war

5. The Black Friday shoppers were very ardent

6. The Black Friday shoppers went through the labyrinth of aisles

7. The dog was acting very supercilious towards the other dogs

8. The family needed countenance after there loved ones death

9. The terrorists were very beset on their targets

10. The terrorists made other nations placate

11. The thunderstorm made the airports problems more exacerbate

12. The press cursored the breaking news

13. The officials were marred after the scandal came to the press

14. The natives were very indigenous

15. Africa has a dearth with fresh water

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