Friday, October 28, 2011

Changing Behavior

The only time I had to change my behavior alot that I can remember was two summers ago. My older sister tripped me and pushed me down the steps and I got super mad. My little sister saw the whole thing because she was brushing her teeth nearby. So I went down a flight of stairs but managed to hold onto the railing before falling to the ground. So yeah I screamed and started yelling at my sister. My mom and dad didn't believe me when I told them. Neither did they believe my little sister. So she pretty much my older sister got away with what she did. I had to change my behavior or attitude pretty quickly cause my little sisters birthday was a few hours after.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lottery

The Lottery took place on a nice morning. The local kids get there first and start collecting rocks. More so the boys. Then the first adults start arriving not to long after. The Lottery was to pick a sacrifice to have good crops. Certain men came up and took a paper. One person had the correct paper and the wive was outraged! So they had two kids pick out two more papers and whatever one that had the ticket that had the dot or something was the sacrifice. The sacrifice was for good crops in the upcoming year. I think they pelted the rocks to kill the chosen sacrifice. (So that's why they got the rocks before the ceremony started). I didn't really get this story so I read it twice to double check.

Monday, October 24, 2011

12 Y/O Shoots Himself while Hunting

Im not a big fan of having kids hunting or being able to handle guns. It's great if the kids are outdoors and getting active and not being inside. Though theres many dangers to hunting. The kid could get shot by a stray bullet or shoot himself, like the kid in the news article. The kids have many objects that could bounce back at him. However a shooting range would be a clear shot. So I think that kids shouldn't really be allowed to hunt but be able to handle guns with super tight restrictions and rules. Sometimes the gun can get in the wrong kids hand and injure himself or someone else.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite Season

I like Springtime because every things new and colorful. It isn't to hot but it isn't to cold. Theres not too much rain in spring but not a lot of rain. Theres two or three major holidays and a few mini events that aren't as huge as holidays. It's almost near the end of school which is a good thing. Its near summer which means vacation and hot temps. If I had to pick a favorite holiday it would be Christmas!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama fixes Bridge

I think it's good were getting funding money. It's a start on making jobs but it's not the biggest way. They should fix small bridges and road ways and then work on a big bridge that connects Kittery to Portsmouth that is closed. It's threatening to lose jobs and shut down business. It also makes more traffic during summer. That needs the most funding out of everything. The best way to improve our economy is to pay off all the debts and try to start new. Why can't the government just print how much money they want and pay off debts and other things?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Town Act 2 Q/A

1. How young people in Act 1 can't climb flights of stairs without getting tired

2. Chores

3. George Gibbs

4. Mrs. Webb

5. Mrs. Gibbs

6. Father-Daughter Relationships

7. Not listen to any personal advice

8. True

9. Obstinate

10. She was almost hit by a cart

11. Kinda happy but shocked

12. True

13. He trusted that he would come back and give the money

14. Plain and Short

15. Stage Manager

16. IDK

17. Ancestors

18. IDK

19. Julia


21. Mrs. Soames

Racino and Casino

Im not into Gambling and don't know what alot of the terms are. I do know that they can bring jobs and boost the economy, and also have nice bright lights! I would vote for the one in Biddeford. Though instead of Biddeford or Lewiston why not Portland? Portland has the megaberth and with cruise ship passengers could bring extra bucks. Anyways they should place them in the citys/towns then make some rules. Like certain age to gamble and what can happen at the building. So if I could vote I would vote on the Racinos and Casinos. They would make jobs for mainly construction. Then the staff and stuff for the other jobs.

Monday, October 3, 2011

GCC Aspect

I think one aspect of culture at Grovers Corner is mannerism. They don't run around swearing like people do now. They greet each other when on the streets instead of now when we just pass by. They all sit at the table at meals when now its not everyones home and your not eating together. I would also say that part of mannerism is trust. The stage manager played the shop manager and let George go home to get his money after buying and drinking his soda. Now you cant really let them go home because they could never return!! In South Portland in certain parts of the city you can find the neighborhoods that have the mannered/trustworthy people. Then you can find the druggies/prostitutes that aren't very mannered/trustworthy.