Friday, November 18, 2011

Culture Shock

I think that the advice given was good. I think some of the symptoms or outcomes were kinda unnecessary. I would take off bordem and exaggerated cleaning. When you arrive in a new place there would be so many things to do. So you couldn't possibly get bored. I don't know why you would clean so much. I understand the outbursts of crying and homesickness though.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Character Problems they Face

My main character in Children of the River was Sundara. She has had some tough times fitting in like her family picking out her marriage. She isn't allowed to wear certain things but she wants to. Her brothers are fitting in perfectly. They eat fast food and do all the things regular boys that age do.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Team Terms (November)

1. The bully is very daunting when I see him in the halls

2. The president had a lot of charisma

3. The bar patrons squandered after having a few to many drinks

4. The general had to pacify the soldiers during the war

5. The Black Friday shoppers were very ardent

6. The Black Friday shoppers went through the labyrinth of aisles

7. The dog was acting very supercilious towards the other dogs

8. The family needed countenance after there loved ones death

9. The terrorists were very beset on their targets

10. The terrorists made other nations placate

11. The thunderstorm made the airports problems more exacerbate

12. The press cursored the breaking news

13. The officials were marred after the scandal came to the press

14. The natives were very indigenous

15. Africa has a dearth with fresh water

Penn State: Law Change

I sorta care if the law gets changed. I don't live in Pennsylvania so it wouldn't affect me in any ways. The law would make anyone that witnesses child abuse of any kind report it. From what I know about the whole abuse thing at the university was they did report it and it kinda got stuck and wasent reported by someone. So it went from one person to the other who then reported it to his boss where it was never reported. I think that if anyone sees something like that they should just go to the authorities and not there boss. That way they know it would get to the authorities and not get stuck with someone not reporting it. If I witnessed what happened in the locker room I would have stopped it. Then after reported the event...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

iCampus Correction

It says my Kwintessential is missing from 9/13 - 9/14. Its not missing and is there. You just had to scroll down awhile. Anyways I took a screenshot of the post so you can see it and update the missing...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Town Essay

You think you have a bad life because you don't view the latest entertainment? Technology or Clothing? Well Grovers Corner had worse of what you had. Yeah they still had clothing and entertainment but it wasn't like what you had. They had only the basics in life. Now you have iPhones, Flat Screen TV's, Blu-Ray Movies and gadgets that can do all sorts of stuff! They had simple clothing that was nice and formal but now we have all sorts of clothing. The book we read was Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

We all know that back then the only way to contact someone was by mail or going to the person(s) house. Now we have phones/cellphones, e-Mail, texting and social networking sites. So what kind of entertainment do you think they had? They didn't have Monopoly or Mouse Trap. They never had movie theaters or TV's. They never had a App Store full of games and entertainment. Again they didn't have iPhones or a iPad. They didn't have a lot of stuff!! The late 1800's and early 1900's were very different with entertainment, technology, clothing and food. That all combined is a culture trait which is different now then in the Our Town era.

In the book they mentioned they had sports. For example, baseball since George was the best player in the town according to (put persons name here). They could have had football but that was never mentioned. Now we have basketball, golf and tennis. Also those mini sports you play in gym class. One of those from what I can remember would be team handball.

Games were certainly different. Yes they had sports as mentioned above but they had other games to play. Such as jumprope, boomerang, jacks, hopscotch and checkers. So now we have those games but more board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, Trouble and Candy Land. The only one thats a board game probably available back then was checkers. They also never had a iPod Touch and a App store to download and play games!

Technology was different back then it is now. They had the first automobiles in the early 1900's but now we have all different types of cars. Cars are smaller and bigger and have different colors and speeds. They never had cell phones or iPod's. Never had a internet service or a Kindle. They had books and not these new e-Books.

I personally think that it has changed because if you put someone from Our Town into South Portland now, it would be a "smack in the face".

So the late 1800's and early 1900's were different with technology as I reviewed. We still had the sport's, entertainment and games but they were different and less advanced. We had the same sports as back then put invented more. We never had phones or email but got those later on. We had some board games or games to play and invented more later on. So I think that technology back in the Our Town era was different then now.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Missing Work

I have missing work all on my blog. You may have to scroll down to see missing posts from earlier that I posted awhile ago. Thanks

My Culture

I think my culture is full of media. I read the newspaper when its available and get monthly subscriptions to different magazines. I watch different TV shows (mostly news since we have basic channels). I definitely think my culture has Facebook and Gmail involved. I have a MP3 filled up with about 300 of new and old songs. So yeah thats my culture with Music, TV, Reading and Internet...

(Apple Store in the Maine Mall)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

George Quote

"I think that once you've found a person you are very fond of...I mean a person who is fond of you, too, and likes you enough to be interested in your character...Well I think that's just as important as college is, and even more so. That's what I think."

I never understood this quote from George. However after examining the quote a few times I understand what it means. Hes saying that if someone likes you so much. Also if she or he likes your character then thats pretty important. He compared that to college saying he would give up college just for that. He was going to go to college to be a good farmer. You dont need to go to college to be a farmer. Just read some books..

Civic Center Revisited

Like all campaigns theres a good side and a bad side. The good side is that it would be a brand new building allowing more entertainment. The bad side would be the cost of the project.Now the people on the bad side are giving a shout out to the citizens of the "truth". They say that they aren't adding more seats and are simply reorganizing things. Also that revenue would still be the same even if it wasent renovated. That they would lose revenue when it was being renovated. I guess the final vote from people will depend on price!

Genocide (Definition and Event)

Genocide: The deliberate killing of a large group or ethnic race

The event I choose was the Rwandan Genocide. It happened in Rwandan, Africa and started when the president of that country and another country where assassinated. It happened during a 100 day duration. The death toll was estimated up to 1,000,000 people! There are still mini wars and murders going on in the country.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Selfish Giant (Short Story)

The story starts out in a nice garden filled with flowers and birds chirping. All the local children would come and play. The Giant was unaware of the kids playing because he was visiting a friend. When he got back he was mad to find kids playing in his garden. So he scared them away and made a huge wall surrounding the garden. Now the kids had know where to play and the season changed to fall then winter. After winter spring came to the town but not the giants garden. Winter stayed in the garden because spring wanted children to play with. Summer, Autumn or Fall never came and it was always winter. One day as the giant was laying on his bed he heard noise and though that spring had come. The kids had crawled through a hole in the wall to his garden where spring had arrived. He played with the kids and had fun. Later on the giant died and was found by the children under a tree.