Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anti-Bullying Bill

This bill is a good idea! The thing is the schools are doing the best they can, to stop bullying or prevent it. Bullying is somewhat of a issue however I would say most of the bullying has been taken online. Whenever I go on FaceBook I see something bad about something. So teachers should be able to friend students so they could see what's going on. Not all kids are going to report bullying because there afraid. With the bill there would be 3 programs and a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Lawmakers should pass the bill because it could reduce violence. It could prevent another Columbine or fatalities that take place during school.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tell Tale Heart

It starts off with a man. He had killed someone and the body is under the floorboards. Every day hes getting more and more frantic thinking someone will come after him or find out he did it. On the eighth night he then had police come and investigate. The man started hearing a rhythmic beat. It continued and the man released it was a heart beat. Slowly but surly he started going mad from hearing it and thinking the police could hear it he told them he had killed the man and where he was hiding. They took up three floorboards and found the corpse and the killer was brought to jail.

Superbowl Advertisement

It's gonna fail because we have the Asians doing all the work! There making the cars and electronics not to mention shipping food over! If you can bring the jobs back home such as Americans making the food and merchandise then it could put people back to work. Also buying local could help because small stores get the money and not large companies. Also if gas prices keep going up food goes up and other items making it harder for people to buy items.

Odyssey: Today

The reason we still read the Odyssey today is because it teaches you lessons. A few lessons are these...

1. When stuck between a rock and a hard place try the hard place; because you can try to maneuver the hard place

2. Don't always depend on others because they always wont be there for you

3. Don't take all the credit for yourself, because surely other people helped.

We are also reading this because for history we are learning parts of this book or gods...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Egypt Riots... Riot or Sport Outrage

I think that the riots are more over the government and what they've been rioting for. Im sick right now and can't focus so when I get better I can do a much better job :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What makes a Hero?

A hero to me is someone that can lead a group or people. Isn't rude, snotty, greedy or any mean attitude. A hero doesn't have to do something huge. I don't have a hero because a lot of people say "Your my hero" whenever someone does anything! So is there anyone that is a hero? Maybe a firefighter or soldier...