Friday, May 25, 2012

The Worlds Stage

Well I dont watch anything or read anything by him besides now in English and wont even after im done with this class. His works are the most reproduced playwrights and was voted as Briton of the Millennium. He also has had a lot of films created in the last few years. The first film (the one were watching now) started the rest of them to be made. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Custom Short Story

There once was a young lady and her fiance. The young lady was a singer and the fiance was a CIA agent but the lady didn't know that. They both needed a home so they bought a yacht. The couple went to the mall to buy furniture for the yacht. They went to the halloween store to look for some candy. They were passing by the costumes when the wife noticed one of the costumes looked to real. All of a sudden the costume which was of the killer in Scream jumped out and started attacking the lady. The fiance took out his gun and shot the killer. Both ran off with the mall security following them. That night they ordered all the furniture to be delivered to the shipyard the yacht was being built at. There was a arrest warrant on the news for the couple because of the shooting. They stayed inside there home until they received news that there yacht was done. The fiance bought airplane tickets and they both boarded the plane. Almost done with the flight a terrorist stood up screaming he was going to take down the plane. The CIA agent stood up and chased the terrorist into the cockpit where they fought. The terrorist was killed but the CIA agent was stabbed. They started descending toward a swamp in Florida near the shipyard. The couple escaped before the crocodiles started eating the passengers on the plane. The plane started to catch fire and blew up! The couple made it to the yacht where they found a bomb planted on the side. The fiance de-activated the bomb and the both started to sail away from land. They were sailing towards the Bermuda Triangle when they heard a strange noise. That strange noise was the killer from scream that had followed them. Both the lady and the fiance thought he was dead but he wasn't so when they found out it was him they tried to shoot him but they were out of ammo so he came on board and took off his costume and found out that is was there best friend they they have known forever when the lady found out she flipped out and called the police but they did not believe her so they had to go back to where it all started and try to talk to the police and say it was all a misunderstanding the friend said i never died i just waited for the mall cops to leave. The cops ended up believing them so before they left the cop asked the fiance your a CIA agent right? So his cover was blown and he was like "damn, I can't risk losing my job because then I would no longer be intitled to my lifelong supply of Fruit Loops. I have no choice but to kill all these people. So, he whipped a rubber duck out of his pocket and aimed it at the soon to be victims. He then squeezed it and yelled "Die evil doers! No one messes with my Fruit Loops!" Nothing happened.. Confused, the CIA agent scratched his head and stared at the duck. Everyone was silent. Then there was a sudden outburst of laughter from the mall cops followed by the wife and the friend and other police.  It was all a trick on the CIA. They thought it would be a funny prank to do on him. He took it more seriously than they thought he would. When he found this out he started to laugh with them. He couldn't believe he got tricked that easily. In the end the lady and her fiance got marries and they lived on the yacht together.

Community Service

Community Service is important to me because it takes work off of someones list of things to do. Were holding the Day of Caring to give back to the community. I think its a good thing were doing the Day of Caring, because it shows that we can give back to the community. I wish that there were more places to volunteer because it would offer more things to do. Im going to a graveyard and I don't see how I'm giving back since people pay for the lot to be cleaned. I also wish I wasn't going to the graveyard because I went there in 4th grade to give back and it also is gloomy to be in a place full of death.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

William Shakespeare Facts

  1. No one knows his exact birthday, so people guess near the time he was born
  2. Shakespeare invented "assassination" the word
  3. Shakespeare had 8 children in his lifetime
  4. He lived through the "Black Death" or the plague 
  5. He never attended a college or university 
  6. In 1609 people took his literature and published it as there own without permission. 
  7. Suicide occurs 13 times in books he has created
  8. There are more then 80 versions to spell his last name
  9. Some people believe that he Shakespeare was bisexual 
  10. His Sonnets (love poems) were more gloomy and dark then nice and cheery

The Sniper (Short Story)

The story starts off with a Sniper on the roof getting ready to assassinate someone. A women spots him and he starts shooting at the women and a vehicle. The women is shot and the vehicle gets away. Across from him on a different rooftop a enemy fires and hits the sniper in the arm. The sniper treats his wound and plans on how to kill the enemy. He pretend to play dead after the enemy hit him and wait for the enemy to stand up. He kills his enemy and rushes across the street to see who the enemy is. It ends up being the snipers brother.

Friday, May 11, 2012

MaineCare Cuts

I don't use MaineCare so they can cut the money out of it. If I did use MaineCare then I would be against the cuts. As long as the elderly and children are taken care of then they can cut it. If they aren't going to be helped then they shouldn't cut it.

Of Mice and Men Essay (Banned)

Why would a piece of literature be banned in schools if it has been in the curriculum for years? Of Mice and Men has been banned in schools for a few reasons but here are three. One reason why it has been banned is because of the profanity used. Another reason why it has been banned, it has the killing of helpless animals. Finally it has violence in almost every chapter throughout the book. Now that we know more about the reasons why, lets look more in depth. 

Profanity is used constantly in the book especially the N word.  Some teachers believe that this is not acceptable, even though students already know this profanity. Some of the profanity is racist or isn’t acceptable in today’s culture. Such as this quote made by Curley’s Wife “Listen, nigger. You know what I can do to you if you open your trap.” Some parent’s disapprove of the language  and call the book “trash”. A teacher who was asked on his thoughts or memories of the book being banned said “One time a students parents came to me with a copy of the book with the profanity highlighted.”  

Throughout this book we see a countless number of animals that are killed. Lennie was given at a young age, a mouse from his Aunt Clara. We learn this when George throws away his dead mouse he found and talks about how Lennie shouldn't have any more mice or any pet. George says “That was your own Aunt Clara. An’ she stopped givin’ ‘em to ya. You always killed ‘em.” So first he would kill mice whenever he got them. One night in the bunkhouse a few of the workers offer to shoot Candy’s dog. Candy ends up letting the men shoot the dog but it left a great hole in his heart. Lennie also gets a puppy from Slim, which later on near the end is killed like all Lennie’s pets. Even though it’s read in high school, some students don’t like this. The reason they don’t like this is because they might have a pet and wouldn’t like this if it happened to there pet. 

Some scenes in Of Mice and Men range from violent to gruesome. Such as when Lennie and Curley get into a fight. The author describes the violence very good and how gruesome it would have been. In a quote by Slim he says “Looks to me like every bone in his han’ is bust” which describes the scene very well. Lennie killing Curly’s Wife was violent because he snapped her neck while suffocating her. In the sad ending George shoots Lennie in the back of the head. 

This is why Of Mice and Men has been banned in certain schools for years. From Profanity, Animal Cruelty and Violence it drove some parents over the edge and called it to be banned in schools. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raised Parking Garage Prices

To raise a $12.00 fee to a $21.00 fee is unfair and expensive. It won't help the shop owners because for that price you  can get cheaper items and more of it. Why don't they tax other things in the city? You already have to pay for meters, and parking garages so why make people pay more to park? So just keep them at what they are. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rough Draft Introduction

Of Mice and Men has a controversial history. It has been repeatedly banned by school boards. Why might this book have been banned? Is such an action justified?

Why would a piece of literature be banned in schools if it has been in the curriculum for years? Of Mice and Men has been banned in schools for a few reasons but here are three. One reason why it has been banned is because the profanity used. It makes people with disabilities seem like they are always getting into trouble and helpless. Finally it has violence in almost every chapter throughout the book. Now that we know more about the reasons why, let’s go more in depth in the topics. 

From here I would discuss the three topics and then wrap the essay up with a conclusion...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Of Mice and Men Poem

During Mice and Men the two men have a good plan that doesn't work out in the end. In the poem the mouse builds a shelter and is destroyed by the tractor or whatever runs it over. So it had a good plan that ended up not working out! 

Of Mice and Men Poem

Maybe it's how Lennie has issues and its like the mouse is Lennie and its how he sees the world? This poem was really confusing...