Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grovers Corner Culture

The culture at Grovers Corner is kinda dull. Like the only big news in the newspaper was a teacher getting married. They wear old fashioned dress and suits. I havent heard anything about music and they didn't have television. It seems like they dont have many places to go shopping besides the genreal store. They had sports like baseball though I don't know if they have basketball. The people are more polite then todays culture.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fireworks Banned but still legal

I think banning Fireworks in certain citys is good. Fireworks being legal in Maine are good because they will bring jobs and entertainment. However there should be strict rules involved. Anyways back to the original question towns or citys should be able to ban fireworks. In large areas like Portland, Westbrook and South Portland it's highly populated. Fireworks could cause injury or death to people. On such small lots in citys it could cause damage to buildings. If rowdy youth got ahold of fireworks, and launched them during the night it would cause a disturbance. Im sure that with Fireworks being legal there will be tough rules involving them. However rules don't stop everyone.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Town Act 1 Q/A

Polish Town

Miss. Foster

Joe Crowell getting a scholarship

Lockhart's not accepting milk

Mrs. Wentworth





Mrs. Gibbs

Attend the Civil War battlefields

Cotahatchee Tribes



Class Status




Girls Beauty


Not made for a small town life

Locked Doors

Constable Warren



Culture Influence

The internet influences myself I guess. Without it I would be bored all the time. I wouldn't be able to do any online homework. I wouldn't be able to watch anything like Youtube videos or go on Facebook. I have the internet so I'm fine though. I can do everything or anything that I want to do because I have it. I think also that everyone takes the internet for granted though. Also that everyone uses the internet too much. Like the first thing I do when I get home is Facebook instead of homework. When it should be the exact opposite. Whenever the internet has a outage everyone freaks out or can't access important documents.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Capsule

I would put a few things in the time capsule. All the yearbooks from the school that we could find. School clothing like the sweatshirts or hats. Then pictures of students we could find from when the school first opened to when the capsule was placed. Also put pictures of teachers we could find when the school first opened to when it was placed. Many more items could be placed in the capsule.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Separating the Classes

I think the boys in one class in girls in the other has its pros and cons. The girls dont have to have boys staring at them. They wont have boys to talk about since they wouldn't really see them. However they would always talk about makeup and be applying it. The boys wont have girls to stare at. They wont have girls to talk about. However they would be rowdy and be rough since it's all boys. Both could learn at there own pace and stuff.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Civic Center Renovation Idea

I think the Civic Center Renovation is good for the city. It would attract more shows and sports to the building, and let in more people to see the show. The equipment would probably new and state of the art. More food venders offering different foods then the regular pizza, hotdogs, fries and so on. The restrooms which get flooded with people during intermissions would have more stalls and urinals. The halls would be wider so people aren't crammed together when trying to get out. There would be maybe more space in thestage area and some more seating. The outside would stand out from the rest of the buildings. It would catch everyones eye when passing by. The owners hope to have more glass on the outside and lights. The lights would advertise games or other events or just change colors. So I think the renovation would be good. It might be costly but with good outcomes. The new Megaberths that can now fit to large cruise ships defiantly took some money. Though that money will be paid off when the ships start coming.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

American Culture

I thought the webpage was sorta surprising. I would have thought that the American Language was English. Apparently theres no direct language but immigrants have many languages. I also knew that America was full of immigrants. Also that immigrants had different religions, foods and media. It really sounded like a robot was writing it they way it sounded. It also was way to formal. When your eating fast food or a meal you eat it all. You don't leave some food left on your plate. YOU EAT IT ALL! When your eating you shouldn't have your elbows on the table but some do. It's not the end of the world if that happens. So another thing was the article was to focused on manners.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I was born on September 25th 1997 on a nice fall day. When I was born I had jaundice, so I had to stay about a week for treatment. My family was made of mom, dad and my older sister and a dog, birds and a cat. Fast forward to 2001 where I got my 2nd sister. That year during the fall I started Preschool which was right down the street. I met a lot of new kids and had fun. One of the kids I would see till eighth grade but then he moved. During Kindergarden I made more friends and saw my older sister a lot. She was in fifth grade and her friends loved me. They would hug me and give me snacks. After Kindergarden I switched to a closer school by a few minutes. I think they like re-did the school zones, and where kids go to school. I met more new friends and my friend from Preschool also switched. The school I switched to was also brand new and renovated.

Fast forward many years later to third grade, where I had surgery. Only for my spleen and gallbladder to be removed. I was discharged after three days staying. Then fast forward to the summer of completing forth grade. I went to Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. For about a week. I went to Barbeques/Pool Parties, Museums, Malls and some restaurants. We also met some cousins we never see. It was a fun time because we never see any of our cousins. In fifth grade my older sister got strep throat/mono. She stayed in the hospital for about a week. That made me miss a lot of end of school events.

The summer of completing fifth grade a few things happened. My artwork was featured in Art in the Park hosted at Millcreek Park. I also got my first cellphone that year. In sixth grade I made new friends and got honor roll a few times. That's what happened in seventh grade, except I got a new phone and a school laptop. I also made a youtube account where I discovered a new talent. Film-making and acting which I still do now. I have about fifty five films on Youtube. In eighth grade I was in Drama and Stream Team. I only stayed for one play in Drama. Its just I don't like doing shows for kids. They were all like Kindergartners through third grade. I also didn't like staying after school so late till, like at five even six at night. The Stream Team was a club that cleaned up trash at Millcreek Park and the stream. We actually got in the stream which was cool. I found a expensive watch during it. During winter I learned two things. My older sister was going to have a baby boy. It was pretty cool cause I would be a uncle. It's supposed to be born a few days before my birthday. The second thing was that we were moving. We are moving to Denmark, Maine which is next to Fryeburg and Bridgton. We live right across from a lake and we have wildlife all around us. So far we have Birds, Chipmunks/Squirrels, Beaver, Raccoon, Moose, Bear and Deer. It seems fun that were moving but the only bad parts is were doing everything by ourselves. Were already building the house by OURSELF! Don't forget the septic, power and trees. The property we bought was full of trees. So we had to cut a lot down and stack them into pieces. I learned the school I'm going to is private and people come from all around the world. It's called Fryeburg Academy in the town of Fryeburg. The bus picks us up at six-thirty in the morning when we go there. It's about a half hour or longer trip on the bus.

Also in the summer I went to a amusement park called Canobie Lake Park. We went for the second time and I forgot to mention it during the summer of sixth grade. That summer was when we went for the first time. The best thing after Canobie Lake Park was being a shooting. However it was a fake shooting not a real one. It was at the local middle school and if we do a “What I did for Summer” essay you can learn more. Also this summer I made a Facebook and so far have about 110 friends. Now it's the end of summer and back to school. It's going great so far. The only class I don't like is Gym. I've never liked Gym though at all. So yeah that's basically me and my life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Reading Book

The book I read during the Summer was Michael Jackson: The Magic, The madness, The Whole Story. It was mainly about Michael Jackson's life from birth to death. So it started out from his birth which was August 29, 1958 and progressed to the Jackson 5. There was nothing big or fantastic about his life from birth to Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 started out playing for clubs. There dad would run off and have affairs. The dad also was very greedy and selfish. He never cared about the ways his son's felt. He would always drink and get rough with his son's. After the Jackson 5 ended Michael produced his first albums, which were a hit with people. His dad always tried to control his life, seeing if he could get him to do things. That's one reason Michael Jackson never was with his family unless something big happened. Many years later he produced Thriller and Bad. He went on many tours all around the world, and donating to any charities. During the 1990's he was charged with molesting a 13 year old boy. It was later resolved and after MJ's death the boy came forward saying he never touched him. After he kinda went into hiding. Then to shorten it up the charges came up again with another boy. That issue was also resolved. In 2009 he was getting ready to go on-tour but died. Now to find out much more just read the book!