Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Reading Book

The book I read during the Summer was Michael Jackson: The Magic, The madness, The Whole Story. It was mainly about Michael Jackson's life from birth to death. So it started out from his birth which was August 29, 1958 and progressed to the Jackson 5. There was nothing big or fantastic about his life from birth to Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 started out playing for clubs. There dad would run off and have affairs. The dad also was very greedy and selfish. He never cared about the ways his son's felt. He would always drink and get rough with his son's. After the Jackson 5 ended Michael produced his first albums, which were a hit with people. His dad always tried to control his life, seeing if he could get him to do things. That's one reason Michael Jackson never was with his family unless something big happened. Many years later he produced Thriller and Bad. He went on many tours all around the world, and donating to any charities. During the 1990's he was charged with molesting a 13 year old boy. It was later resolved and after MJ's death the boy came forward saying he never touched him. After he kinda went into hiding. Then to shorten it up the charges came up again with another boy. That issue was also resolved. In 2009 he was getting ready to go on-tour but died. Now to find out much more just read the book!

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