Thursday, September 15, 2011

Civic Center Renovation Idea

I think the Civic Center Renovation is good for the city. It would attract more shows and sports to the building, and let in more people to see the show. The equipment would probably new and state of the art. More food venders offering different foods then the regular pizza, hotdogs, fries and so on. The restrooms which get flooded with people during intermissions would have more stalls and urinals. The halls would be wider so people aren't crammed together when trying to get out. There would be maybe more space in thestage area and some more seating. The outside would stand out from the rest of the buildings. It would catch everyones eye when passing by. The owners hope to have more glass on the outside and lights. The lights would advertise games or other events or just change colors. So I think the renovation would be good. It might be costly but with good outcomes. The new Megaberths that can now fit to large cruise ships defiantly took some money. Though that money will be paid off when the ships start coming.

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