Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Selfish Giant (Short Story)

The story starts out in a nice garden filled with flowers and birds chirping. All the local children would come and play. The Giant was unaware of the kids playing because he was visiting a friend. When he got back he was mad to find kids playing in his garden. So he scared them away and made a huge wall surrounding the garden. Now the kids had know where to play and the season changed to fall then winter. After winter spring came to the town but not the giants garden. Winter stayed in the garden because spring wanted children to play with. Summer, Autumn or Fall never came and it was always winter. One day as the giant was laying on his bed he heard noise and though that spring had come. The kids had crawled through a hole in the wall to his garden where spring had arrived. He played with the kids and had fun. Later on the giant died and was found by the children under a tree.

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