Saturday, August 24, 2013

Significant Event

Christopher Choyce
Mr. De Vito, Sr.
English 2

     The most significant thing that ever happened to me was moving to Denmark. I had very few friends, culture shock and a new school! These are the reasons why moving to Denmark, was a significant event in my life.

When I first moved I only had made two friends. That summer was a sweltering one so we never really hung out. I was also too busy unpacking my boxes! In South Portland I had alot of friends and we hung out alot. During our move the computer broke and we didn't have any internet. So I wasn’t able to communicate the best with friends after I moved. I felt very alone and socially disconnected from the world.

In South Portland you could walk everywhere like the mall or a friends house. After we moved I either have to get a ride to wherever I want to go. There would be also always be some sort of ambience noise, like a lawnmower, sirens or people. When we first moved all I heard was crickets and the occasional bird! It was a big change from what I was used to. The only source of water now is a well and bottled water. In the city we had a endless amount so we could take long showers, but you would get a long water bill too! Now we have to be very careful with how much water we use.

Going to a new school and learning the layout on the first day was a very big challenge! I actually didn’t have a schedule till everyone went to the assembly the first real day for everyone. Waking up at 5:30 so I can catch the bus has been a big change. I'm used to waking up a hour later! The hour bus ride is fun because I can listen to music, do homework or read a book!

So from a lack of friends, new school and the culture shock that came along with it, moving to Denmark was a really significant event! At first I was disappointed I was moving but after a week(s) i'm really glad I moved. The academy is a good school and I was welcomed with open arms by everyone!

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