Friday, August 23, 2013

City from Country Speech

My speech is about how city life is better and more convenient than life in rural areas. I lived in the city for 15 years before moving to the town of Denmark and frankly it's boring. My three reasons are access to goods, jobs and transportation. I will use my old city that i used to live in (South Portland) to help back up my statements.

In the city you have shopping plazas and stores all around you. Within 1 mile of my house there were over 50 stores I had access to shop from.  Within 8 miles of my house I had more than 250 stores thanks to the Maine Mall and it’s nearby plaza’s. So I had a endless amount of restaurants to eat from and stores to shop from! So if you want something you can get it nearby and fast. In rural areas you have to travel farther distances to get what you want.

The city offers many more jobs than rural areas.The usual jobs in a typical rural area are farming and logging. In the city you have much more to choose from and more jobs. In South Portland on a job site I found 2,749 listings for job. I found 113 jobs for the Fryeburg/Bridgton area. South Portland offered enough jobs to hire everyone in Denmark and Brownfield. That’s a large difference between the two areas.

You don’t really need a car in the city because of the large amount of transportation opportunities. You could take a bus, taxi, train or even walk to reach your destination. South Portland offers over 15 different bus routes dropping you off at key places in the city. The city also offers 8.2 miles of walking trails going through the city and into Portland. The walkway was very helpful when I had to walk to middle school. In rural areas they usually don't offer a bus system, taxi or train.

So as you can see the city is a much more convenient way to live than rural areas. Cities have more to offer such as sights, culture and people. I lived in the city for 15 years so I know.

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