Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break 2012

For most of Spring Break I was sick with something. On Friday the 13th I got a Betta Fish which I named Squirt. Before that I went shopping at Walmart and Target where all I bought was a soda. The next day I woke up with a sore throat. On Sunday I woke up barley able to talk and when I did, I sounded like a smoker with one of those surgies with a hole in the neck. On Monday I woke up a little better and later on got a bottom feeder at PetLife in Millcreek and placed him in the tank. On Tuesday I was so much better but still had a sore throat. That night I went to the circus which was a lot of fun! On Wednesday I woke up with my nose stuffed up. Later on I went to Titanic 3D which was good but lacked 3D. It was still good to see it on the big screen. On Thursday I slept a lot of the day. On Friday I just hung around my house. On Saturday I cleaned my messy room which hadn't been cleaned for awhile. On Sunday I was doing some last minute homework and babysat my sister, for most of the day and spent a few minutes outside before the rain started. So I guess my vacation was ok but would have been much better if I wasn't sick!

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