Monday, March 5, 2012

Terror Charge

The teachers actions should be taken seriously because teachers teach us lessons. So if he teaches us that it's ok to say "I want to shoot you" then that would make kids think its ok. They should take his actions seriously. Since Columbine we have learned lessons and improved laws. It has probably prevented future massacres but not always. People aren't being to sensitive because what if the teacher actually did follow through of what he said. What if your child went to the school and came home and told you that. Since the parents old enough to remember Columbine and Virginia Tech then there gonna tell the authorities. They might even pull the student out of class because your afraid of the safety. Since this has come out in the middle of the Chardon Shooting then the teachers going to get a harsher punishment. It reminds people that if actions not taken it could lead to something more serious.

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