Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lamb to Slaughter

A wife is waiting for her husband to come back from work. He works at the police station. When he comes home she makes them some drinks and when he wants another he gets frustrated. He demands she sit down and then she offers to make him dinner. He gets more frustrated probably from drinking. Thats when he tells his wife something. The reader never learns what he said but from what I guess he had a affair with someone. When she goes downstairs to get the meat out of the freezer and walks back up he starts to leave. Without thinking she swings the lamb leg at him and on impact killing him. She starts to cook the lamb and then leaves to get more items from the store. At the store she buys cheesecake, potatoes and peas. When she gets back she calls the police station and acts like nothing happened. They come over to inspect the scene. She's asked a lot of questions and her story matches up with what she did. They went to the grocer who confirmed she was there. After awhile they search for a weapon. They don't find anything that could have killed him. She offers them the leg lamb that was cooking and they accepted after hesitating. During the meal they joke about how the leg could have been the thing that killed him. In the other room the wife starts giggling. 

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